• Pure Radiance Under Eye Cream 50g

    5.00 out of 5
    • StBotanica Pure Radiance Under Eye Cream works amazingly in taking care of all your under eye area issues such as puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles and other imperfections.
    • Enriched with vitamins and other natural extracts and oils, it enhances your beauty by making your skin smooth and fair.
    • The deep intensive formula replenishes the dryness in your delicate skin while nourishing and moisturizing your under eye area.
    • With its lightweight and non-greasy formula, the cream hydrates and nourish your fragile under eye skin.
    • It also fights dark circles and baggy eyes while moisturizing and rejuvenating your skin around the eyes.
    • StBotanica Pure Radiance Under Eye Cream smoothens the wrinkles, fine lines and helps your skin to regain its natural elasticity.
    899.00 749.00
  • StBotanica Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum + Vitamin C, E

    5.00 out of 5
    • StBotanica Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum has the ability to increase the level of moisture, resulting in plumper, younger, and smoother skin.
    • The serum itself features the plumping properties to decrease the visibility of lines, dark under eye circles, and wrinkles while brightening the complexion.
    • It actually ensures intense eye care by reducing puffiness, eye bags, sagging, and dryness.
    • It increases elasticity and retains collagen around the eyes and moisturizes the gentle eye area using Vitamin C and E.
    • This is also the secret to the ultimate young look that this serum aims to deliver by protecting the skin from the sun’s harmful rays, free radicals inside the body, and harsh environmental elements.
    1,799.00 1,499.00
  • StBotanica Under Eye Cream

    4.75 out of 5
    • StBotanica Under Eye Gel is specially made for the delicate skin of your under eye area with natural ingredients and vitamins that takes care of puffiness, wrinkles, fine lines, eye bags, and dark circles naturally.
    • The lightweight gel contains vitamin E and B3, Hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera, Cucumber, and Argan Oil that moisturize and nourish your skin gently.
    • It takes care of the skin underneath your eyes with natural ingredients without any parabens added.
    • The gel is not only effective on the skin underneath your eyes, but you can also use it on your face and neck.
    • It penetrates easily into the skin and rejuvenates the tired eyes with no greasy effect, leaving a silky, smooth, and hydrating appearance.
    • It does not contain any harsh chemicals and artificial colors.