StBotanica Orange Pure Aroma Essential Oil – 15ml

  • StBotanica Orange Pure Aroma Essential Oil is a PURE grade essential oil that exclusively comes from the fresh peels of sweet orange fruits.
  • The delightful citrus scent of this orange oil purifies the senses.
  • This tangy, uplifting and refreshing aromatic oil is the rich essence of orange peels.
  • StBotanica Orange Pure Aroma Essential Oil is used in aromatherapy, oil burners, inhalation therapy, diffuser, vaporizer, spa, perfumeries & home care.
  • This essential oil is 100% Pure, Natural and Safe without being added with fillers, additives, bases, carriers or other chemicals.

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StBotanica Orange Pure Aroma Essential oil is pure, natural and safe and is not added or diluted with harsh chemicals, extra-fillers, additives or other substances.


It is 100% Pure as well as Natural without any addition of additives, bases or other harmful chemicals.

Orange oil also known as sweet orange oil is naturally extracted from the fruit of orange plant called Citrus sinensis. The zesty, refreshing, uplifting and citrus aromatic orange oil is derived from the cold-pressing of fresh orange peels. At-least fifty oranges should used to extract one ounce of this precious oil. [1]

It is pure as it is produced through high quality extraction techniques and is safe as it is not diluted with additives, fillers or other chemical substances.

It is used in aromatherapy, custom massaging as well as body oils, vaporizer, inhalation therapy, diffuser, oil burners, perfumeries, spa & home care.

NOTE: Orange oil should not be used for Medicinal purposes. All the Pure Essential oils should be diluted with carrier oil before its application on the skin, hair and face. Orange oil should be used sparingly as high doses can irritate the skin.

Benefits Of StBotanica Orange Pure Aroma Essential Oil

StBotanica Orange Pure Aroma Essential Oil has following benefits:

Healthy Skin

Orange oil that is known for its slight astringent properties is used in general skin care to control acne, especially in oily skinned person. This cold-pressed oil is used in the preparation of varied natural cosmetic products. Moreover, few drops of orange oil added into the facial lotions may help with a refreshing, glowing and stimulating effect on the skin. [2]

Pain Reducer

Orange oil acts as a natural pain reducer may help minimize the inflammatory response in tissues, thereby reducing the pain experienced in muscles, bones and joints. It may also help enhance positive mood that raises pain tolerance and promotes good sleep. Mix orange oil with a carrier oil and rub it on the painful muscles/joints to reduce the inflammation. [3]

Massaging Oil

Orange oil that is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A can be best used as a shower gel, massage oil or bath oil for cellulose skin by mixing with cypress oil. Massaging orange oil may help soothe the epidermal layer and also stimulate the circulation of blood in the skin that rejuvenates dry, rough and aged skin. [4]


Orange oil used in diffusers/room sprays may help clear and detoxify the room leaving the air and mind fresh and relaxed by its disinfecting and calming properties. It may also aid in a restful sleep by its rich citrus aroma. [5]

NOTE: Use orange oil sparingly. A little of it can work wonders. Always mix with other carrier oils for its application on skin and face.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have dry skin, can I use this orange oil?

Orange oil is good for all types of skin that includes dry, sensitive and oily skin.

Any caution to be followed while using Orange oil?

A small amount of this orange oil can give you a miraculous effect. Further, larger amounts can irritate your skin because of its citrus astringent properties. You can dilute with other carrier oils and apply it on your skin and neck for desired results.

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It contains Pure Orange Oil

How To Use

You need to mix 5-8 drops of the oil in a diffuser or a vaporizer. This will help in creating a pleasant atmosphere in you room and remove aerial pathogens and unwanted odor. You can also use few drops in your bathtub while having a bath to have an all new bathing experience. When you mix five drops in 10 ml of base oil for massage, it helps in loosening the tired muscles.

4 reviews for StBotanica Orange Pure Aroma Essential Oil – 15ml

  1. 5 out of 5

    Liked the natural aroma of orange essential oil. The aroma rejuvenates me and my home smells good when I diffuse it.

  2. 5 out of 5

    This is pure orange essential oil. When I burn the oil, the pleasant aroma of orange blossom fills the air. I also use it for skin care after diluting with carrier oil. It is helping in fading blemishes and is making the skin radiant.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Love the sweet aroma of orange. I use this oil mixed in carrier oil for moisturizing the skin. It is a excellent product.

  4. 5 out of 5

    The fragrance of orange makes my house smell like an orchard. The aroma is very pleasing and creates a relaxed environment. I add a drop to my night cream. It helped lighten my skin tone.

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