StBotanica Facial Day Youth Serum

  • This excellent facial serum works great in deeply replenishing and nourishing the dry, dull skin.
  • This facial serum is made with the combination of ten carrier oils and essential oils which work wonder in restoring the skin’s youthful glow.
  • The unique composition of this youth serum works extraordinarily great making your skin hydrated throughout the day.
  • This facial day youth serum fades away wrinkles, acne, age spots and fine lines.
  • The oils get quickly absorbed into the skin with leaving the feeling of sticky. It does not cause any kind of irritation as well.
  • By hydrating and protecting your skin, this facial day youth serum protects your skin from sun damage.
  • It suits all skin types.

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StBotanica Facial Day Youth Serum is an amazing product with the goodness of red raspberry oil, sweet almond oil, carrot seed oil, geranium oil, orange oil, organic argan oil, apricot oil, virgin jojoba oil, neroli oil, and jasmine oil. It is vegan and free of silicon, sulphates and paraben. This facial serum protects your skin from sun’s UVA and UVB rays and it reduces the aging signs from the skin. Thus, this facial serum leaves your skin glamorous and gorgeous than ever.

Main Ingredients

  • 1.Jojoba Oil

    Jojoba oil has the ability of penetrating the skin rapidly. By entering into the skin, this oil works great in moisturizing and softening the dry and mature skin. With its ability of balancing the oil production in the skin, this oil works great in controlling acne also. [1]

  • 2. Sweet Almond Oil

    This oil is very nourishing to the skin. This oil has the ability of relieving dry skin and conditioning the skin. This oil is beneficial for all types of skins. This oil is easily absorbed into the skin. This oil acts as an excellent moisturizer. [2]

  • 3. Red Raspberry Oil

    Red raspberry oil is a great source of vitamin E, carotenoids, fatty acid, ellagic acid, and phytosterols. All these properties are highly effective in protecting the skin from the damage caused due to the sun’s UV rays. These properties are very beneficial in moisturizing the skin as well. By doing so, this oil protects your skin from the occurrence of premature aging. Finally, this oil makes your skin look younger and beautiful. [3]


    Carrot seed oil is highly helpful in revitalizing and toning the skin. This oil in fact considered as best oil for the mature skin. By removing water build up and removing toxins from the skin, this oil gives the skin firmer and fresher appearance. By stimulating the cell growth and encouraging the repairing the damaged skin, this oil works great in improving the texture of the skin. [4]

  • 5. Moroccan Argan Oil

    Argan oil contains vitamin E and additional vitamins which are very beneficial for the skin. This oil works great in making the skin youthful and healthy. It has the ability of improving dry skin and reducing the symptoms of premature aging. By restoring the skin elasticity, this oil works effectively in softening wrinkles and fine lines. [5]


    Geranium oil, which helps almost any skin condition or skin type, works great in soothing sensitive and dry skin. The stimulating action of geranium oil promotes the process of regeneration of skin cells. It also has the ability of healing blemishes and acne. By doing so, this excellent oil imparts healthy glow to complexion. Geranium oil is very helpful in making your skin appear youthful and radiant also. [6]


    Orange oil is highly beneficial in keeping your skin healthy and young looking. By stimulating the creation of collagen, this oil makes the skin youthful and healthy. This oil has the ability of restoring balance to oily or dry skin. It lessens puffiness. This oil discourages wrinkled or dry skin. This amazing oil works great in stimulating circulation to the skin. By doing so, this oil softens the rough skin. [7]

  • 8. Apricot Oil

    Apricot oil, a skin softening oil, is helpful for all skin types. This oil works great in maintaining the moisturized and supple skin. By forming a light barrier against the environmental damage, this oil brings relief from ageing and dry skin. This oil is very capable of dissolving dirt from the skin. By doing so, apricot oil, works great in cleansing and toning the skin. [8]


    Neroli oil is very effective in making the dry and dull skin gorgeous. This oil has the ability of stimulating new cells growth and increasing blood circulation in the skin. Although this oil is particularly good for sensitive, dry or irritated people with any kind of skin can benefit from it. This oil is capable of regulating oiliness and minimizing enlarged pores. This oil helps to clear blemished and acne skin. [9]

  • 10. Jasmine Oil

    This oil is loaded with skin soothing, moisturizing and skin- conditioning properties. Because of these properties, this oil is highly recommended to people with sensitive and dry skin. [10]

Additional information




30 ml


3 Years

How To Use

After cleansing, dispense 2 or 3 drops into palm of hand. Using fingertips, smooth over face and neck. Can be used in place of or prior to applying your moisturizer.


Organic Moroccan Argan Cold Pressed Oil, Virgin Golden Jojoba Cold Pressed Oil, Sweet Almond Cold Pressed Oil, Apricot Cold Pressed Oil, Carrot Seed Cold Pressed Oil, Red Raspberry Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Jasmine Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Neroli Essential Oil.


Firstly, clean your skin and pat dry it. Then, take two or three drops of this facial serum into your palm. Massage the neck and face with your fingertips. This facial serum can be used in place of a moisturizer or prior to using the moisturizer.


I have a sensitive skin; can I use this facial serum?

This facial serum is made taking the requirements of all skin types into consideration. In fact, this oil contains ten carrier and essential oils that work great in nourishing sensitive skin as well. So, you can use this product.

Does this product contain any harmful chemical?

StBotanica Facial Day Youth Serum is made up of ten carrier and essential oils. It is free of parabens, silicon, sulphates, and mineral oil.

How often this facial serum should be used?

This product is recommended for regular use. StBotanica Facial Day Youth serum, when used regularly works great in rejuvenating your cell membranes. By doing so, this facial serum offers you bright skin.

After using this product, when can I notice the changes in my skin?

It depends upon your skin type, your age, and your skin condition. As the skin damage took some time to develop, the improvement of skin also takes time. But, the regular usage of this product works wonders. So, be patient.

7 reviews for StBotanica Facial Day Youth Serum

  1. 5 out of 5

    Using this serum for a week. It is working great for my skin. My skin is now visibly smoother and brighter.

  2. 5 out of 5

    This serum helped in making my skin supple and reduced dryness. The appearance of my skin has improved in a short time.

  3. 5 out of 5

    A wonderful product for skin care. It rapidly absorbs into the skin. It helped add a natural glow and made skin soft.

  4. 5 out of 5

    After applying this serum for a few weeks I’m noticing improvement in the texture of the skin. Skin looks smooth, elastic and radiant.

  5. 5 out of 5

    This serum has given my face a smoother, tighter and well-toned appearance.

  6. 5 out of 5

    This serum absorbs fast and leaves the skin hydrated and bright. With regular use, it is helping in tightening the skin, making it smooth and firm.

  7. 4 out of 5

    This fast absorbing serum is good for keeping the skin hydrated. My skin is closer to dry. This serum is quite helpful in reduce the dry feel.

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