Salmon Fish Oil Omega 3 1000mg, 180mg EPA, 120mg DHA – 60 Enteric Coated Softgels

  • StBotanica Salmon Fish Oil Omega 3 1000mg, 180mg EPA, 120mg DHA – 60 Enteric Coated Softgels consists of 1000 mg of Fish Oil as well as Omega 3 – 60 Softgel capsules.
  • The advanced formulation of StBotanica Fish Oil Omega 3 is highly beneficial to you because it contains 300 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids which also includes 180 mg EPA as well as 120 mg DHA.
  • This combination may help and support circulatory and cardio-vascular systems along with the other areas of wellness.
  • This Fish Oil never dissolves in the stomach and reaches the intestine in the most effective manner, thereby reduce chances of burping.

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StBotanica Salmon Fish Oil Omega 3 is retrieved from Salmon Fish which in turn rules the domain of Fish Oils where it is considered to be the King. Praises do not come just because of the name but because there is a highly long list entailing to Salmon Oil being the master of all the rest of the oils. Cardiovascular health is greatly benefited due to the Omega-3 fatty acids found alongside Salmon Oil and is widely constituted to as an alternative to other varieties of Fish Oils. The fish burps as well as the after-taste is successfully reduced which is the number one concern of fish oil. A good absorption strategy for the Omega 3 fatty acids results when there is an enteric coating on the capsule which averts it from getting digested in the stomach instead of in the intestine.


This Fish Oil is available in varied hues which comes from the purest fish and is loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids to the fullest and is vital for a healthy brain as well as heart. This brilliant combination of fatty acids goes a long way in providing fatty acids which acts as an essential support for improved brain function, heart and may inhibit plaque formation. [1]

Main Ingredients

The nutritional value of 1000 mg of Salmon Fish Oil is rich in 180 mg EPA as well as 120 mg of DHA. The Softgels version of the capsule is Enteric coated, which in turn serves to remove the fishy aftertaste on consumption which aid in dissolving in the intestine.

This Enteric coating is in turn a soft coating which is very vital in this version of the Softgels capsules. Softgels capsules only break down in the small intestine which in case does not leave a fishy aftertaste upon consumption and the nutrients are directly inserted into the blood stream capturing the entire essentialities of the nutrients.

New England Journal of Medicine has appropriately published a journal which in turn states that the body needed only one-third of the Omega 3 fatty acids in case an Enteric coating is applied to it. This research goes a long way in confirming our body needs and structures. The phospholipid membrane inside the small intestine is capable of absorbing the nutrients of the Omega 3 fatty acids faster and 3X times more quickly than if it is Enteric coated because it is delivered intact to the intestine instead of the stomach.


How inclusion of Omega-3 fatty acids aid is overcoming depression?

Researchers have revealed that people not eating sufficient omega-3 or eating little fish may have high rates of key depressive disorders. Good omega-3 sources are: Flaxseed, leafy dark green vegetables, fatty fish (tuna, anchovy, salmon, shad, mackerel, herring and sardines), nuts (especially walnuts) and soybean and canola oils. [2]

Does omega-3 fatty acid aid in lowering of cholesterol?

Heart diseases may be reduced and there is a probability that triglycerides are lowered by eating foods rich in “Omega-3” fatty acids. This omega-3 fatty acid may help decrease rates at which liver does produces the triglycerides. “Omega-3 Fatty acids” also has anti-inflammatory effect in body, decreasing plague growth in arteries in turn to aid in creating thinning of blood. Supplementary sources of omega-3 include flaxseed oil and capsules of fish oil. In case one considers taking and relishing “Omega-3 fatty acids”, discussing the matter first with his doctor or physician as to if supplements of omega-3 fatty acids are correct for him, if especially he is taking currently medication of thinning of blood. This way correct dosage is got. [3]

Is fish oil of salmon accurate choice for a person?

Omega 3 fatty acids is core ingredient in fish oil of Salmon and most various fish oils present on market. This omega-3 fatty acids has little side effects which is not common and lots of advantages Salmon oil is well-renowned to be beneficial for factors of health throughout entire span of life. Salmon is smaller than numerous different fishes. But there are various fishes higher and purer in omega-3 fatty acids like Hoki fish from which fish oil of New Zealand is made. Supplements of salmon fish oil is distilled molecularly for ensuring that impurities go out of salmon. Items must be checked to be authentic and pure prior to purchasing it because of water pollution. Hoki fish is high in omega fatty acids in comparison with salmon. It extends life and it is pure fish that makes derived fish oil to be safe. Excruciating pain and decreased mobility is caused by body inflammation that is reduced by Salmon Oil. Fatty acids that are essential found in Salmon Fish Oil aids in symptoms reduction from gallstones, arthritis, asthma, atherosclerosis and Chron’s disease. There is evidence that linking of consumption of fish reduces asthma risk in kids and children.


Take one softgel with warm water 1-2 times a day or as suggested by a physician. Make sure you are having healthy diet and following a regular exercise schedule.


Salmon Fish oil

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    Salmon fish oil is a source of high quality omega-3 fatty acids. I am taking this supplement for some time. The softgel capsules are easy to take. The quality of the fish oil is good. It helped make me feel healthier and appeared to improve my skin and hair health.

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