This is type of product purchase system that we have made to encounter our partners that are interested in making sales through on-line or off-line by using our web-site template as a business tool.


  • Given a very cheap price to purchase the products.
  • Not be given time limitations on purchasing the next order.
  • Be getting assistance or guidance on new info of our products.
  • Fast profits within few sales.
  • Should be able to keep stock of the products in hand.

Above are the advantages you’ll get when you choose ‘Wholesale Price‘ of product purchase system by doing this will gain profit in very short period of time because your web site will be holding the retail price of the products based on our’s product price lists. So you are actually earning the profits by the cheap ‘Wholesale Price‘ that you have bought and selling them in much higher price.

We are looking for Distributors and Resellers in India and other countries.