• StBotanica Peach and Avocado Shower Gel

    4.94 out of 5
    • StBotanica Peach and Avocado Nourishing Luxury Body Wash by StBotanica, contains the unique blend of Peaches and Avocados.
    • Avocado and Peach both are nature’s boon to humans in terms of the nutritional values. These benefits are not only internally when consumed, but also externally to the skin.
    • By using StBotanica Peach and Avocado Nourishing Luxury Body Wash, your skin will be soft, supple and you will feel fresh and your skin hydrated.
    • Can be used as a body wash, shower gel or bubble bath.
    • The fresh scent of avocado and peach essential oils and skin conditioners leaves your skin feeling fresh and wonderfully fragrant. Designed for both men and women.
    • StBotanica Peach and Avocado Nourishing Luxury Body Wash is free of parabens, soap, mineral oils and harmful chemical derivatives and so doesn’t harm the skin.
  • StBotanica Strawberry & Vitamin E Shower Gel – Rich, Luxury Moisturising Body Wash with Pure Extracts – 300 ml

    4.88 out of 5
    • StBotanica Strawberry & Vitamin E Nourishing Body Wash – 300 ml is one of the best nourishing body washes that consists of essential oils, strawberries and vitamin E that together acquires to be the most effective product to improve your skin quality.
    • The ingredients present in this body wash moisturize your body and reduce the roughness of your skin.
    • The wonderful fragrance of this shower gel keeps you fresh throughout the day.
    • StBotanica Strawberry & Vitamin E Nourishing Luxury Body Wash may suit all skin types.
    • This product is free from soap, paraben and harsh chemicals.
  • StBotanica Luxury Body Wash – Pink Grapefruit & Vitamin C Shower Gel

    4.85 out of 5
    • StBotanica Luxury Body Wash – Pink Grapefruit & Vitamin C Shower Gel is enriched with the goodness of pink grapefruits and vitamin C that lets you enjoy clean and healthy skin in soap-free manner.
    • This shower gel gently cleanses the skin without making it dry, thus making the skin feel good.
    • It helps in nourishing, healing and maintaining the natural glow of the skin.
    • StBotanica Luxury Body Wash – Pink Grapefruit & Vitamin C Shower Gel has got the mesmerizing fragrance which makes mind and body relaxed and refreshed.
    • This product is free of parabens, mineral oil and other harmful chemical ingredients.
  • StBotanica Mandarin and Cypress Luxury Shower Gel Body Wash

    4.88 out of 5
    • StBotanica Mandarin & Cypress Luxury Shower Gel is a luxury gel which is enriched with pure essential oils and adheres to the effective healing formulas.
    • It consists of only the natural ingredients like Mandarin and Cypress Essential oils to repair, rejuvenate and nourish your skin.
    • The smooth foam of the gel meticulously rubs off dirt from the skin and cleanses it from within with a touch of luxury smooth after-bath feeling.
    • It is suitable for all skin types and doesn’t dry up your skin or rip it off its natural oils and moisture.
    • This product is soap free, doesn’t use Parabens, mineral oils or any other harsh and harmful chemicals so that you get a naturally smooth and refreshed skin each day.
  • StBotanica Refreshing Green Tea and Cucumber Shower Gel

    4.85 out of 5
    • StBotanica Green Tea and Cucumber Luxury Shower Gel is created to soothe your skin and keep it nourished.
    • This shower gel ensures that the skin’s natural oils are preserved and your skin continues to stay hydrated.
    • You can use it every day and pamper your skin endlessly sans the worry of dryness and chemical exposure.
    • This product is ideal for every skin type and does not contain any parabens or mineral oils that can cause harm to your skin.
  • Moroccan Argan Hair Serum + Hair Shampoo – 100 ml

    0 out of 5
    • Science + Nature. 100% Natural Ingredients, No SLS. No Parabens. No Chemicals. No Colors. Recommended for Both Men and Women
    • Gentle Yet Effective. Exclusive blend of premium oils & plant-based ingredients specially formulated to effectively treat all hair types. Gentle enough for daily use. Can also be applied on beard.
    • St.Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Serum is a nourishing intense hair serum oil that nourishes, softens and rehabilitates dry and damaged hair, and bring to the appearance of a shiny radiant glow.
    • Science + Nature. 100% Natural Ingredients, No SLS. No Parabens. No Sulfates, No Harmful Chemicals. No Colors. Recommended for Both Men and Women
    • Fight Hair Loss Naturally. Powerful blend of Jojoba, Rosemary, Almond, Jasmine Oils and other natural ingredients reduces shedding, increases volume & thickens hair.
  • StBotanica Bergamot Pure Aroma Essential Oil – 15ml

    5.00 out of 5
    • StBotanica Bergamot Pure Essential Oil, also known as BEO, is a premium grade oil extract derived from the fruit of bergamot tree.
    • StBotanica Bergamot Pure Essential Oil smells sweet-fruity citrusy with slightly balsamic undertone which makes it an ideal choice for natural air freshener.
    • It is a 100% pure extract of the plant adhering to the industry’s extraction quality standards high and is an ISO 9001:2008, HACCP Certified product which makes it safe for use though not recommended for medicinal application.
    • Uses: Aromatherapy, Custom Massage and Body Oils, Vaporizers, Diffusers, Oil Burners, Inhalation,
    •  It is completely chemical free, and does not include any additives or unnatural ingredients..
  • StBotanica CLA 1000 (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) 60 Softgels

    5.00 out of 5
    • Obesity has become one of the most common problems faced by the modern world today.
    • Together When consumed with a proper diet and regular exercise, CLA can help reduce fat, StBotanica CLA 1000 is a great, non-stimulating addition to your overall weight-management plan and also it is considered good for skin.
    • CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid found in StBotanica CLA 1000 60 Softgels is a naturally occurring fatty acid, which is similar to Omega-6 fatty acid. CLA is a type of good fat found normally in beef and dairy products.
    • However, the amount of CLA you would require to burn fat is nearly impossible to obtain from natural sources. Therefore, you would need to include it in your diet externally.
    • The product we are talking about is well-proven product that is also backed up by science and is used by many people to fight off obesity.
    •  Formulated under the guidance of experienced professionals, these softgels are manufactured in GMP certified facility, which further ensures that it comprises of all natural ingredients and is gluten-free and safe for consumption.
  • StBotanica Orange Pure Aroma Essential Oil – 15ml

    5.00 out of 5
    • StBotanica Orange Pure Aroma Essential Oil is a PURE grade essential oil that exclusively comes from the fresh peels of sweet orange fruits.
    • The delightful citrus scent of this orange oil purifies the senses.
    • This tangy, uplifting and refreshing aromatic oil is the rich essence of orange peels.
    • StBotanica Orange Pure Aroma Essential Oil is used in aromatherapy, oil burners, inhalation therapy, diffuser, vaporizer, spa, perfumeries & home care.
    • This essential oil is 100% Pure, Natural and Safe without being added with fillers, additives, bases, carriers or other chemicals.
  • St.Botanica Lemon Pure Aroma Essential Oil, 15ml

    4.88 out of 5
    • St.Botanica Lemon Pure Aroma Essential Oil has multiple benefits of citrus limonin the most natural and pure form.
    • This is a therapeutic grade essential oil that can be used in aromatherapy and custom message.
    • A few drops of This Pure Aroma Essential Oil in a vaporizer, diffuser, or burner emits a pleasing aroma and creates an uplifting atmosphere.
    • This St.Botanica Lemon Pure Aroma Essential Oil is a 100 percent premium quality product.
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    StBotanica Golden Virgin Jojoba Pure Coldpressed Oil, 50ml (For Hair & Skin)

    5.00 out of 5
    • StBotanica Jojoba Pure Coldpressed Oil offers you the beauty benefits of jojoba without compromising on quality or potency.
    • In its coldpressed, unrefined form, StBotanica Jojoba Pure Coldpressed Oil is at its purest and without harmful chemicals, fillers or additives.
    • It is rich in important vitamins and therefore loaded with benefits for both skin and hair.
    • The oil helps in soothing the skin and managing irritation.
  • St.Botanica Geranium Pure Aroma Essential Oil

    5.00 out of 5
    • St Botanica geranium pure aroma oil is a premium grade essential oil typically used in aromatherapy.
    • This product consists of pure geranium oil that is extracted by steam distillation of the stem and leaves of the geranium plant.
    • It is 100% natural, pure and safe oil without any additives, chemicals or other ingredients and is manufactured in a GMP certified facility to meet the highest quality extraction standards in the industry.
    • The oil is commonly used in vaporizers, oil burners, perfumes, blends, spa and home care products, besides this, it can also be used to make customized massage and body oils by mixing it with other essential oils.
  • StBotanica Eucalyptus Pure Aroma Essential Oil

    5.00 out of 5
    • StBotanica Eucalyptus Pure Aroma Essential Oil stimulate emotional balance and also provide relief from tension & stress.
    • This natural eucalyptus oil brand can be used for body and hair massages, blends, aromatherapy, vaporizers, perfume, and inhalation.
    • The oil is completely pure with no added preservatives and fillers.
    • It is completely free from chemicals and completely safe to use for therapeutic purposes.
    • Always Dilute Essential Oils before Applying on Skin, Hair, Face etc
  • StBotanica Sweet Almond Pure Coldpressed Oil

    5.00 out of 5
    • The benefits of almond oil are not unknown, our grandmothers have always recommended it for any hair or skin crises. So What’s unique about StBotanica’s almond oil is the fact that it is coldpressed, which is the best method to extract essential oil from seeds.
    • StBotanica produces an excellent quality coldpressed almond oil enriched with vitamin A and E which is the answer to all your skin and hair woes.
    • Hydrates and nourishes skin.
    • Works wonders for your hair, scalp, face, body, and feet.
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