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breast enlargement cream

Breast Cream

breast cream

Natural Way For Breast Enhancement & Firmness

Prime benefits of Breast Cream

  • The Breast Cream offers natural breast enlargement & firmness
  • The potential herbs used in the product tone-up and improve the tissues present in the breasts
  • The Breast Cream regulates the female hormones, better for wellbeing.
  • Regular usage of product stimulates new cell growth offering enhancement and firmness to the breasts
  • If used over the times, ingredients used in the product can reduce PMS symptoms.

The product detail

The Breast Cream is a precise combination of great herbs along with Pueraria mirifica that has been used traditionally as natural female hormones. In the female body, the formula helps balancing overall structure and promotes the breast enlargement. Market-tested and tried by thousands of women all across the world, St.Botanica Breast Cream is the original breast enlargement product you have always been searching for!

The St. Botanica Breast Cream – gaining beautiful breasts is now in your hand!

The Breast Cream is intermixture of the herbal extract of Thai herb known as Pueraria mirifica. Pueraria mirifica has been studied vastly and it has been proved that the herb contains plant estrogen. The estrogenic effects that is akin to that of real estrogen in the female body. Pueraria mirifica contains phyto-estrogen, which can stimulate the growth of fatty tissues within the breasts. The St. Botanica Breast Cream containing Pueraria mirifica is to rejuvenate the breasts by getting them rotund shape and rendering the attractive size to them.

St. Botanica Breast Cream acts upon the breasts to provide the missing nutrients to them. Massaging the Breast Cream onto the breasts is enough to look out for optimum results. One can watch the results with improved collagen and elastin within the breasts’ structures. The breasts become fuller and firmer with the bust-line getting back to its best again. It would be worth to say that this is the only way to get your youthful years back!


Pueraria mirifica and tropical herb extracts.

The facts about Pueraria mirifica

Pueraria mirifica is a Thai traditional herb that has been prescribed and used to overcome many female problems since years. The herb is time tested and trusted by millions of women all across the world. Researchers have proved that this herb is best as female tonic, especially when it comes to attractive breasts and other feminine features are concerned.

Pueraria mirifica, used in any form, enhances the breasts and gives them rounder and fuller appearance. The herb ensures that the breasts are full and firm. The breast revitalizing properties of the herb will make the breasts taut and beautiful. All at once, in many cases, flaccid breasts become firm, rounded, and smoothened.

The Thai herb Pueraria mirifica has been considered as perfect substitute for all those breast enhancing surgeries that can get you severe pain and discomfort. Why should one opt for those surgical procedures and cosmetic operations when the natural way to enhance and firm the breasts just at your doorsteps?

An approach towards natural breast enhancement – action of the product

St. Botanica Breast Cream does it for you in very short span. Massage the Breast Cream as directed and you will feel those marvelous changes happening to those organs that have their own importance. The Breast Cream penetrates deep into the breasts’ tissues and ensures that you get a set of fuller, healthier, and smoother breasts!

The Breast Cream does not produce massive breast development since it works naturally with women’s own hormones, producing a result that is unique for her own body. It would be very wrong concept that if it enhances and makes breasts enlarged and firm, it will also make other body parts bigger too. In fact, the breast cream will tone-up the surrounding structure of the breasts and will highlight them more sound than before.

Direction to use:

Apply a small amount of cream onto each of your breast. Massage until the cream is fully absorbed. It is advisable to massage clockwise first and then anticlockwise. For maximum results, augment the cream with Breast Capsules.

The presentation of the product:

The product comes in sleek tube that is easy to squeeze. Squeeze the tube from bottom to the top while taking out the rich leathery cream and keep it away from the direct sunlight. The product is to be kept reach out of the children. The Breast Cream contains 100gm of cream volume.

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Breast Cream 100 g.
Breast Cream 100 g.
Breast Cream 100 g.
Breast Cream 100 g.

Video Demonstration

It'smost suitable for cup size of A to B, and those with less cleavage who desired to have more fat tissues. You can see the result within 1-2 months.


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Interesting fact by the Breast Cream: In continent like Africa, especially in Cameroon, some girls have been subjected to opt for something called breast ironing that stunt their breasts’ growth. They do this in order to make them appear less sexually attractive since they believe that this would make them less likely to become a victim of rape



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