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Breast Shapes

They could be rotund, pointy, pear-shaped, or just like a pancake! These are only few of the shapes breasts feature with! There is another way to know size and shape of the breasts that is by knowing the exact cup size that can range from AA to DD!

Breasts have gotten a lot of attention since they are straightforwardly visible and so dear to men that they go crazy seeing them. What kind of a man can keep quiet seeing topless woman!!! Also, the western culture has always put major pressure on the appearance of the breasts since they are the hallmarks for the woman to show her muliebrity. It should not surprise that many countries’ women models appear topless on beaches and on cover-page of many magazines that the sales shoot up like never before! In short, Breast shape and size does matter.

There are many shapes and sizes of breasts, let us have a glance on them –

The swooping breasts are generally common. Some possibly due to lack of volume but no sagging - it is actually among the better of the shapes to have if the woman is going to get implants. Here, the nipples point upwards that is major asset in the augmentation surgeries. We cannot deny that the shape of the breasts can be hereditary

The ptotic or the droopy breasts with some volume are also very common. Generally after a pregnancy one would lose volume, have enlarged areola and thinned skins due to stretching during the period of gestation. Breastfeeding can also affect the nipples’ structure as well - causing it to turn in elongated shape. There is nipple reduction surgical procedure as well as an areola reduction surgery. Sometimes just a little lift is required.

The ptotic or saggy breast with very small to no volume is also seen after pregnancy, breastfeeding, any body-weight loss and due to advanced age - or all four in combination. Whilst many young mothers might feel such condition after pregnancy and breastfeeding, wherein the aging is least concerned. Nevertheless, it is really depends on the woman. No matter, the augmentation mammoplasty procedures can considerably improve such shape of the breasts and sometimes a lift is required.

There are shapes that come under rotund shapes or rounded shapes. They are often considered as very sexy among the men and it is thought that a honeymoon fit girl or lady should have such types of shapes of her breasts to make her partner crazy about her. They are nice to look and the cleavage they form in any dressing is voluptuous for any men.

The flat shape breasts are the breasts that cover larger area on the chest. In other words, such shaped breasts may start from just below clavicle (or the collar bone) and may end where the ribs end!!! They are flat though they are not. They have volume but tend to remain flat since they cover areas vertically and not coming too much out of the body frame.

Another shape includes augmented nipple/areola complex (known as snoopy). Such shape is generally because of herniation of the tissues, lobules and fats without proper containment by the connective tissues under the areola complex. This can be adjusted with a mastopexy, areola reductions and sometimes with the aid of long-lasting sutures in a star fashion that are made under the areola complexes. The permanent suture serves like a fake-containment net for the underlying breast tissues/fats and is not offered by all cosmetic surgeons.

In some of the anomalies, Pectus carinatum congenital chest deformity is also known as the pigeon’s chest with ptosis. This is not precisely the breasts’ shape, as such, but rather a disfiguration or divergence of the woman’s chest involving ribcage. The ribs generally protrude as can the breastbone. Sometimes the ribs stick out further than the breastbone and that causes lack of self-esteem or uneasiness of the breasts. However, breast implant gives the illusion of having normal bosoms with simple chest wall.

Just opposite to above case, is Pectus excavatum wherein the chest falls into the place inside, popular as the sunken chest, There are some methods that might help correct such condition though if not desired, breasts’ implant or pectoral implants (in men) would lessen the obviousness of the ailment.

Whatever the shape of bosoms the woman has, with the help of latest technology, they can manipulate their breasts. Products like St.Botanica Breast Products really bring revolution in enhancement and enlargement of breasts within couple of months.


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