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Breast Massage

The breasts have always been a point of concern for women and even for men all across the world! They are indeed considered as paramount and hallmark of physical feminine beauty. Apart from the requirement for these front-organs to keep them healthy, the woman also desires to make them appear attractive, firm, round and perky. We find hundreds of thousands of women across the globe who would not like to spend thousands of dollars undergoing any breast augmentation or breast reduction surgeries or some other cosmetic techniques available due to one or the other reason, especially when they know that there are many inexpensive options readily available. One can get fuller and firmer breasts by just following some simple steps and regimen.

To be in ownership of a pair of lovely and beautiful breasts, women do not always require rushing for any surgical option. Massaging the busts is a age-old practice that has been adopted since centuries, especially in countries like India and the Orient. Such exercises are well documented in ancient medicinal science like Ayurveda, an Indian folk medical system that records back its history of origin 1500-2000 BC!

The massage would be more effective if it is performed with the help of some lubricants or creams or serums. For instance, St.Botanica Nano Breast Serum and St.Botanica Breast Cream are some of the known massaging material that get deep into the tissues and make the organs firm and round from drooping and sagging breasts. The massage can be tricky as the tissues are quite delicate and require a gentle touch. However, if performed properly with exerting only moderate pressure, it can offer great health to the busts.

Exercises make front-organs more attractive and woman finds an answer to how to get beautiful breasts. Massaging the busts help growing newer tissues within the organ and improve the blood circulation, that in turn, will help getting rounder and firmer shape. Rubbing and pressing gently will make them healthier and will aid in maintaining the balance of hormones in a women’s body. The procedure is also quite easy to follow and simple to adopt.

Any woman can massage her own breasts without any assistance. However, with assistance, the technique can be performed in more accurate way. But naturally, this procedure needs baring the breasts and hence, it is generally performed in a private place. The woman can do the massage lying or sitting down; whichsoever she feels is more comfortable.

It is advisable to avoid friction and discomfort and hence, smooth lubrication like St.Botanica Nano Breast Cream can be applied for better results. Massaging with certain cream will not only make the organs firm and full, but the technology used (nanotechnology) enables its Nanosomes to get deep into the tissues and offer great nourishment and refresh and reenergize the overall structure. The skin of the bosoms also requires nourishment and such cream can provide it making it fairer than before.

The application of the cream or serum onto the breast is a very first step for the massage. The material is applied in circular movements onto each organ, with the direction that goes from the center of the chest towards the underarm area. One should take care that very light pressure is to be exerted onto those delicate organs.

The second step begins when massaging the breast is done once the each part of the organ has been covered by cream or serum. The bosom is then to be kneaded softly by lifting it from the chest-wall and pressing delicately with the help of both of the hands. Simultaneously, with the help of both the hands, holding the breast, the flesh is to be twisted and wrung very mildly in order to offer enlargement of breasts.

After two steps, the third one begins when the giver of the massage tries to scoop the fatty tissues present in the breast with utmost softness by using the flat-portions of the fingertips. The strokes are to be done first clockwise and later counterclockwise. If needed, one can take some St.Botanica Nano Breast Cream one more time to keep the organ moist.

The massage ends with the fourth step when the flesh of the breast is stroked and then smoothened. This is done with the direction of the fingertips to move from the center then away towards the sides. This is known as cooling down stage of the massage since it calms down all the tension and makes it free from any rigidness and sturdiness. When the breast massage is over, one should perform all the steps onto other breast. During the entire therapy, a receiver is advised to sip water regularly.



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