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Breast Implants

The history

Implants have been in use since 1895 for augmenting the sizes or shapes of women's breasts. The earliest known implants were attempted by Czerny, wherein he used a woman's own adipose tissues (from a lipoma, a benign growth that was on the back). Later, Gersuny tried paraffin injection in the year of 1889, with calamitous results and later on, in the early to mid-1900s, there were plenty other contents tried, including ivory, glass-ball, ground rubbers, ox-cartilages, Terylene wools, polyethylene chip-sets and many more.

If we look at recent history, there have been many creams and other medications that were used in attempt to increase the overall organ size, and Berson, in the year of 1945 and Maliniac in 1950 had an experiment of using a flap-based augmentation that they performed rotating the woman’s chest wall tissues into the breasts to increase volume. Various synthetics were being introduced in 1950s and 1960s that included silicone injection. And currently, there are latest technology that helps enhancing the overall size and shapes of breasts.

Current scenario

There are many breast enlargement techniques available in cosmetic industry, but silicone breast implants are still the number one as the favorite. In the US alone, over 200,000 women have undergone such surgeries every year, according to estimation. These cosmetic surgery procedures have become very safe and easy for most women who desire larger bosoms.

Breast implants have been used to facilitate women achieving the desired bust sizes and shapes. Many women across the globe are not satisfied with their breast sizes. They often search a way out to fulfill their ambitions.

Currently, there are many ways one can go for breasts implant. Such implants are filled with various materials such as saline, silicone gel, the combo of silicone-saline, PVP-Hydrogel and plant oil filled procedures. Sometimes the woman also goes for rounded breast implants or anatomic breast implants. While the rounded implant would give a fuller upper chest and deeper well defined cleavage, the anatomic (often known as teardrop) implant gets woman the upper chest with more natural look.

One may feel those implants’ outer structure somewhat smooth or textured. Though there might be some untoward effects after being breast implanted, the textured implant helps reducing the negative effects of capsule formation around the implants. Various surgical methods are used in artificial implants. One should know that such implants are available in many sizes and it depends upon the aspiration and woman’s physiological condition.

Types of the incisions –

As the infra-mammary incision is the much known, other types of enlargement incisions can also be considered. The crease incision offers a huge advantage of leaving a very little/minute scar which is hardly noticeable. Trans-axillary breasts’ incisions give surgeons less hold on where they implant the silicone. Incisions those are made around the areola are noticed to get healed faster, but the teemingness of nerve endings in the area make many surgeons feel that there might be some changes in tactile sensations.

How are the different types of implants?

In the process where there is filling of saline, the breast implant is achieved through the saline or sterile salt water that is surgically inserted allowing some adjustment in sizes of your breasts. Many plastic surgeons favor that this type of implants tend to have a higher chances of ‘leaking and deflation’ as compared to ‘silicone gel’ implant procedure. But not to worry; even if the saline leaks into the body, it gets absorbed without harming woman’s body.

In the procedure of the silicone gel implants, an elastomer envelope is filled with a clear, gluey, thick ‘jelly-like’ kind of silicone, which closely resembles to the consistency of breast tissues. Silicone breast implant is widely being used by plastic and ‘gender-reassignments’ surgeons all across the globe. In case of plant oil-filled implant, there would be a natural vegetable oil or triglyceride oil (known as Trilucent) is filled in order to keep safety to the woman.

Breast implantation has become one of the most often performed cosmetic plastic surgeries for breasts’ beautification. Breast implants are technically known as ‘augmentation mammoplasty’, which is a surgical method to augment the sizes and shapes of women’s breasts.

The breast implants expenditure may differ as per the options a customer chooses for implantation. But it is always worth discussing the things including breast implant expenditure during consultations with cosmetic surgeons.

Breast Implant hazards

The woman generally faces breast implant problems like the hardening of the breasts, capsule formation or a over rotund appearance after the implantations. Some of the possible breast implant troubles are related with surgery, while others might have to deal it with the implants. Breast implant troubles those are considered to be serious in nature generally do not occur frequently.



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